Electric Utilities

One of the greatest dangers of electric utilities is the possibilities of arc flash.  There is also the danger of being exposed to the possibility of flash fire for those that work with electric generation.  Neese’s FR clothing and rainwear provide comfortable and functional protection for all areas of electric utilities including transmission, distribution, and generation.

Gas Utilities

Workers that handle gas may face the possibility of flash fire.  Because their work involves release of gas that can be a major hazard.  Neese’s FR clothing and rainwear meets all industry safety standards, and can provide safety to those workers exposed to flammable substances.  Neese can also provide customizable options to suite the company’s needs.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance keeps the ball rolling for companies that rely on electricity for their facilities and their equipment.  Dealing with electrical issues can expose workers to arc flash.  They too need protection, and Neese’s FR range, clothing and rainwear, can provide that protection as well as functionality.  Our goal is to provide workers with clothing that provides ease of use so focus remains on the issue at hand and not on uncomfortable clothing.

Refineries and Drilling

Oil drilling and refining involve dangerous jobs that expose workers to possible arc and flash fires, chemicals, and harsh elements.  Many of these workers are in the unique position of having their jobs on rigs out in the ocean.  Neese provides many different types of protective clothing for different situations including chemicals, Hydro blasting, arc, and flash fires.

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers provide consumers with a huge array of products that we use daily.  However, the production of these products does not come without risk.  Workers in chemical plants can be exposed not only to flash fire but also to chemical fires.  Neese’s FR clothing and rainwear as well as Chem Shield can be a worker’s last bit of protection between them and fire or hazardous materials.