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Industrial, utility, and various electrical and petrochem workers, operate every day in a work environment that exposes them to the potential hazards that could cause severe or fatal burn injuries. Literally in a flash, electric arc can cause everyday non-flame resistant work clothes to ignite and continue to burn even after the source of ignition has been removed. The very short duration and high energy of an electric arc flash presents a unique and dangerous hazard that requires specialized protection for the operator working in these environments.

NeeseArc Protective Rainwear is made of special protective materials made for withstanding varying levels of arc flash hazardous flame and heat exposure.

What happens in an arc flash? Arc flash effects can be characterized by a two step process. First a radiant burst of energy traveling at the speed of light impacts the subject at temperatures as high as 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In the second step an extremely strong shock wave, created by the arc blast and traveling at the speed of sound impacts the subject.

  1. Clothing must not ignite and continue to burn.
  2. Clothing must provide a good insulative value to the wearer in order to dissipate the heat transfer through the clothing to the skin.
  3. Clothing must provide strong resistance to the break open forces generated by the shock wave of the arc flash.

Why not just standard off the shelf rainwear? That’s a very common question. The common every-day work garments and rainwear that are made of basic non-flame resistant materials can be easily ignited during an arc flash exposure. The material will also continue to burn and will add more to the extent of resulting injury to the worker than from just the arc alone. The focus on protecting workers against arc exposures has necessitated the development and implementation of specialized garments that meet the requirements of quantitative testing procedures. NeeseArc Protective Rainwear is made of special protective materials that are tested and made for withstanding varying levels the arc flashes, hazardous flame and heat exposure.

NeeseArc protective rainwear meets ASTM F1891-02 and flame resistance specifications. One might ask, “well my rainwear says flame resistant on the tag”? Typical FR Rainwear melts in the flame exposure but is specially treated to suppress the flame. In the situation of a flash fire or arc flash this simple flame suppression fails and the resulting melting and dripping is not suppressed at all. The use of arc protective rainwear that meets ASTM F1891 eliminates the melting hazard and protects the worker.

Take a look at our entire family of arc flash and flash fire rainwear. At Neese we strive daily to help you and your team maintain the highest level of safety possible and comply with all applicable regulatory standards. Contact Neese or your local distributor with further questions or application needs.

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