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Whether Your work puts you in harms way from Arc Flash or Flash Fire NeeseWear FR has you covered.

When our motto is Protecting What Matters Most we better be good at keeping you safe. Neese has been in the Flame Resistant clothing business for a long time now and over the years we have learned how to keep workers safe.

The team at Neese works with users just like you who have unique needs and wearing a trusted and high quality brand can be a matter of life and death. Whether you need a standard off the shelf coverall or FR shirt or you need a customized insulated FR parka with specialized pockets, clips, reflective tape etc. Neese has you covered.

  • The best fabrics
  • The best craftsmanship
  • The best protection

Neese flame resistant garments and accessories are available in our Neese FR styles. Check out the following pages to see which garments fit you and the environments you work best.

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