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If how you work or live requires ‘the need to be seen’ in high-visibility rain and safety wear then the NeeseViz line is for you!

Traffic zones, work zones, and operations around heavy equipment and recreation when away from work often requires that special precautions and considerations be taken. The NeeseViz line features basic visibility wear as well as specialized ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 approved rainwear, jackets, vests, and coveralls in fluorescent lime and orange. When you need to be seen, use NeeseViz for your safety and performance wear requirements.

The Need to Be Seen

Outdoor working environments create serious potential dangers and hazards to contend with. Vehicle hazards such as fast moving cars and trucks often speed past,often within inches of workers. Drivers that are distracted, impatient, or impaired often provide a great risk to workers, public safety professionals and recreationists. Noise and focused tasks often make it difficult for workers to hear or notice approaching vehicles and equipment. Work or play when done at night or when light levels are low at dawn, dusk, and during inclement weather provide additional visibility and safety risks.

The use of high-visibility apparel serves as a first line of defense to protect workers. The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognize the value of high visibility apparelto protect workers. OSHA requires employers to outfit employees with “reflectorized and highly visible materials to enhance worker safety.” Also, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices specifies high-visibility clothing for laggers, law enforcement officers, firefighters and others involved in managing work-zone traffic.

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