Petro Arc Series

Petro Arc Series

Chemical Splash/Arc Flash/Flash Fire

The newest addition to our family of Arc Rainwear is our NeeseArc Petro Arc series. The PetroArc series is designed for special extended protection for workers and operators in multi-hazard environments. The Petro Arc offers a unique protective wear solution for the many challenging environments of incidental chemical splash, flash fire, electrical arc flash, and harsh weather conditions. When the job calls for more than just your basic rain suit, the Petro Arc will provide the protection that you need to get the job done safely each time, every time.

Petro Arc meets:

  • ASTM F2733 = Flash Fire
  • ASTM F903 = Liquid Penetration
  • ASTM F1891 = Arc Flash Rated
ATPV:13.3 Cal/cm2 (HRC 2)
EBTAS:40.8 Cal/cm2

Suggested Garment Applications

  • Petrochemical Plants & Refineries
  • Gas Companies
  • Drilling Operations & Well Servicing
  • Utilities Electrical Maintenance
  • Incidental Chemical Splash