Public Safety

Postal Workers

United States Postal workers, specifically letter carriers, have to face the elements every single day.  Their day can suddenly be interrupted by rain, and they don’t have the luxury of going inside to wait it out.  Neese provides rainwear just for this situation so that rain doesn’t stop the mail from being delivered.

Police, Fire Department & Security

Police officers, fire fighters, and security personnel deal with high risk situations.  One of the most important things for them is that they are visible to the public.  Neese has an array of High Visibility vests and other products, including rainwear, to ensure their visibility in emergencies.


Construction work can involve dangerous situations. Projects involving construction on the road puts workers very near to traffic, and it is essential that drivers are aware of them. Neese High Visibility vests with reflective tape mean that construction workers can be seen day and night.

Additional Industries

Neese is proud to serve a variety of other industries including western wear, boating, industrial mining, hydro blasting, agriculture, sanitation, and food processing. In addition to our FR range, rainwear, High Visibility, and Chem Wear, we produce many other options in weight, style, and function.